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How to carry out routine maintenance for block machine

1.Check if the top mould loose or not,clean up the attachements on the mould.
2.Clean up the debris,sand,dust around the top mold.Check the nut or the tube connection,timely screw up if loose.
3.Check the top mould synchronous bearing cover or gear,timely screw up if loose.
4.Check the top vibration transmission,timely screw up if loose.
5.Check the bottom mould parts,timely screw up if loose.
   Clean the attachments,weight lifting wood must be placed between bottom mould and top mould for safety.
6.Check compresstion bolt,nuts loose of bottom mould,timely screw up if loose.
7.Check the cylinder,beam connecting parts,fasteners,tube joints,timely screw up if loose.
8.Remove debris from bottom vibration plate groove.
9.Check the bottom vibration transmission parts and tube joints,screw up if loose.
10.Check the proximity switch position of both top mould and bottom mould,the limit block.
   If loose or in wrong position,adjust timely.
11.Clean up the attachments on pallets.
12.Check the grease point.
13.Check the anchor nut,timely screw up if loose.
14.Check the block conveyor,timely screw up if loose.