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What advanced technology are adopted by FULANG machinery

 What advanced technologies at home and abroad have been adopted by FULANG  machinery? Those make FULANG block brick machine so popular, especially the automatic block making machine.
1. Full automatic carburizing heat treatment technology
Compared with other processes, the carburizing heat treatment process can improve the strength and toughness of metals without changing the shape and chemical composition of metal parts, and thus greatly extend the service life of equipment and molds. So the block making machine produced has higher strength and longer service time. 
2. Advanced wire cutting technology and Aurora cutting technology
Fully using imported wire cutting equipment and leading industry ultra-high precision laser cutting technology to ensure smooth and smooth section, and not easy to deform. Different from the conventional cutting technology, laser cutting and wire cutting technology have higher accuracy, and the protection of equipment workpiece is more convenient than the ordinary cutting technology.
3. CNC machining
Fulang machinery fully adopts CNC machining center. CNC machining center has the advantages of high machining precision, stable processing quality and high repetition accuracy, which can not only ensure large-scale production, but also maintain high-quality production.
4. Through the advanced shot blasting process, the shot is used to impact the surface of the parts at high speed to achieve the cleaning effect. At the same time, the blasting cutting surface can effectively combine the two to improve the anti fatigue performance of the whole part.
advanced technology adopted by FULANG MACHINE