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Five key steps of hollow block machine installation and test

When it comes to hollow block making machine, several features always come into our mind. Such as compact structure, full sealing dustproof large pressure force, easy operation, long service time, high production capacity, wide range of raw materials, environmental role and so on. As time goes by, more and more hollow block machines have been widely used all over the world, especially in the Southern Europe, Oceania, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Northern Europe, Central America, North America, Eastern Europe, South Asia, Domestic Market, Africa. 
Today let’s take a look at the five steps of hollow block machine installation and test.
Step 1: Before the installation, we should make a good plan, and design a seasonable production line layout. The place need to be pretested and choose the level concrete ground.
Step 2:Installation according to all the notices and instructions. 
Step 3:check the leakage and make up the defects. Such as check whether all the screws are tightened, if all the foot bolts are fixed firmly, If all the steps are completed and so on.
Step 4:Configure the power line and control switch according to the power requirement of the equipment.
Step 5:After the completion of each project, carry out a unified inspection again to confirm that the equipment is free of tool shortage, and then carry out the empty machine test run. After the empty machine runs for 10 minutes, gradually load the materials and load the vehicle.
installation of hollow block making machine