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How to solve fever phenomenon in hydraulic system for brick making machine

hydraulic system of block brick making machine
Whether compressed earth interlocking brick making machine or concrete hollow block making machine, hydroforming is always the best way to make a perfect brick.
Hydraulic system is the core parts for a hydroforming brick block making machine, which directly affects the production quality and service life of building brick manufacturing equipment. 
However, fever phenomenon in hydraulic system is always a problem in brick machine industry. Today let’s analyze the reasons for this situation.
There are two aspects reasons. The first reason is unreasonable design of hydraulic system, which makes hydraulic oil unable to have an effective heat radiation. The second reason is the failure of hydraulic components. The third reason is the improper selection of hydraulic oil types.
♦ 1. The unreasonable design of fuel tank.
The volume of fuel tank is too small, which will lead to excessive power required. And if the fuel tank is too small, the heat dissipation area will also be reduced. 
Second, the design of the oil tank pipeline is unreasonable, the suction pipe mouth and the return pipe mouth are too close, and there is no partition in the middle, which shortens the cooling cycle of hydraulic oil in the oil tank. Appropriately increase the volume of the tank or lengthen the distance between the suction pipe and the return pipe to ensure the heat dissipation circulation of hydraulic oil.
♦ 2. Improper hydraulic components.
The hydraulic system of block forming machine is generally a high pressure and large flow system, if the hydraulic components in the system are mainly such specifications like reversing valve, relief valve and sequence valve, the requirements for large flow rates cannot be met. When the block machine is running, the liquid flow velocity at the valve mouth is too high, resulting in greater pressure and friction, which will increase the oil temperature. Therefore, the selection of components should be based on flow adjustment range of hydraulic components, flow rate and the required working pressure.
♦ 3. Improper hydraulic oil.
Different types of hydraulic oil have different viscosities. The viscosity affects the oil temperature. Therefore, the choice of hydraulic oil should be based on the normal working temperature of the system to select a proper viscosities oil.