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Some solutions to not even brick height

Since block making machines often run in difficult conditions, breakdowns of the equipment will inevitably occur.But friends do not worry when machine malfunction,you can always consult us for solution.Here are some solutions for the common faults of block machine.

1.Brick height is too small. Normally caused by loose of jack bolt,which limits the top mould declining.Just adjust the screw up to right position,make the lower dead point of top mould at the height of brick,problem will be solved.

2.Brick height is too big. Normally caused by too much material feeding or not enough distributing time.In this case,decrease the material feeding to same level of bottom mould,increase distributing time.

3.Brick height not even in fore-and-after direction. Normally caused by  the same rotation direction of the eccentric shaft in the bottom vibrating mould box.In this case,change the wiring of one electric motor to make it rotate in opposite direction,problem will be solved.

4.Brick height not even in right-and-left direction. Normally caused by  four corner screw tension of top mould not even,just adjust the screw to make the upper plane in a horizontal plane,problem will be solved.

This is the most common problems for not even brick height,if you have more questions,we will be glad to help.