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Advantage of concrete block factory compared to traditional burned brick factory

For the protection of land resources, reduce emissions of air pollutants,traditional burned brick factory will be gradually banned.Some of the traditional red brick factories are still remaining in some area because of regional,cultural and other factors.But replacement by the concrete block factory is the general trend and it's better to invest now to seize market opportunities and gain the market advantage.

Compared to burned brick factory,cement block factory has  two main advantages:
1. Low investment:concrete block machine price much lower than burned brick machine,suitable for both  home business and large factory,production capacity could be from 1,000 pieces/day to 700,000 pieces/day.
2. Products of varieties:instead of providing only one kind burned brick for wall building,concrete block machine can produce not only hollow block and soild block,but also colorful road paver with color material feeding maachine added.So the factory has a much broader market.