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Advantage of New Type of Environmental Protection Block Making Machine

As we all know, the traditional manufacturing equipment ont only emits a large amount of pollution gas, but also produces the bricks with lower strength than modern new type bricks. With the development of eco-environmental protection, traditional burn brick manufacturing enterprises have been officially reorganized or closed down. Compared with them, the modern type block machine has so many advantages. It has a wide use of raw material. In addition to the cement, fly ash, and sand, it can also use solid waste resources such as construction waste, industrial waste, domestic waste etc., which not only achieves recycling of resources, but also reduces the cost of brick production. It doesn't has any pollution water, pollution gas, so it's absolutely environmental. And the block it produced have high strength and more durable. In addition, the modern brick making equipment has lower energy consumption. So it can bring considerable profits to investors due to it has such a lot of advantages compared to traditional ones.
FULANG MACHINE combines the advanced technology and modern demand of the brick manufacturers, to produce various kinds of modern type brick making machines, which are suitable for production and price needs for companies and individuals of all sizes.  For example, the QTF40-3A, QTF40-3B, QTF40-3C is small egg laying type manual concrete block making machine and suitable for individual to produce different kinds of hollow blocks. Like the QTF10-15, QTF4-15, QTF6-15, QTF8-15, they are fully automatic type concrete block making production line equipment, which are more suitable for large size brick manufacturing factory with high production capacity. And the QTF4-24, QTF4-25, QTF40-2 etc. are more suitable for middle size enterprise.
So regardless of the size of your brick plant, there is always a type that suits you.

different type concrete block making machines