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Shipment of FL 4-10 automatic clay soil brick making machine production line

A month ago ,
 we received an order from a customer in Bhutan. The customer ordered a whole production line of FL 4-10 full automatic clay brick making machine.

Yesterday, we checked that the entire production line was intact and shipped the machine to China Qingdao Port. The cargo will then be shipped from Qingdao Port to Bhutan.

FL4-10 brick making machine is automatic soil interlocking bricks making machine, the whole line includes soil crusher, soil sieve, soil mixer, conveyor machine and host machine.


FL4-10 fully automatic clay brick making machine can produce various compressed earth bricks by changing mould, main parameters of this eco brick machine as follows:

1.Dimension of the machine: 1800*1500*2210mm

2.Forming cycle: 10s

3.Weight of the machine: 3.3T

4.Production capacity: 2880-3600pcs/8 hours

5. Host machine power: 11Kw

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