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The maintenance of baking-free block making machine

 Baking-free block making machine should be paid attention to maintenance after long time using to ensure the machine normal and efficient operation,especially for the mold,  it is best done once a week, this will ensure both human and machine safe, also it is very conducive to enterprise production.Specific maintenance issues as follows:

1.Clean the mold cavity, oil stains and waste on the surface,then spray anti-rust oil to the mold cavity, and respray washing. Check the related parts are damaged or not, fasten the loose parts, to ensure the machine in a safe and reliable production state. 
2.Check the brick mold drawing, shaping, pressing surface is worn or not, welding the worn parts, grinding and polishing. Check the material pressure and unload parts, maintenance, replacement of damaged parts. Check oriented, oblique wedge mechanism, repair or change the worn ,cracking components.
3.Check if there is any cracking fatigue damage in the usual non visible parts,seeking the views of workers to repair  the newly discovered crack area and seriously damaged parts.Check the punch, edge wear condition, the wear parts re-welding, grinding, change. Reflection the condition of flat mold, mold standing wear,maintenance or change the worn, deformation  parts.
4.Check the convex and concave gap of Flanging mold and shaping mold,check the ridge wear condition,repair the worn parts.