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Shipment of QTF 4-15C fully automatic concrete block making machine production line

One more good news! Yesterday, we checked that the entire production line of QTF 4-15C fully automatic concrete block making machine, and confirmed they were intact ,then shipped the machine to China Qingdao Port. The cargo will then be shipped from Qingdao Port to Malaysia. congratulations to our customer of Malaysia, they can receive the machine right away! 

QTF4-15C is full-automatic concrete block making machine. It has some advantage as below


QTF4-15C full-automatic brick making machine can produce various different concrete hollow and solid bricks by changing the mould.

2.High Quality Mould

We use the best steel as the raw material, through advanced wire cutting and carburizing heat treatment technology carefully made, so it has a great advantage in the strong wear and tear.

3.Good Raw Materials

This model is made of high-performance steel Q345 selected according to international CE standard. Thus it has advantages in high toughness, wear and tear resisting and high strength.

4.Easy Operation

This machine is equipped with PLC control system , so it’s very easy to operate.