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Technology upgrade of QTF10-15 bloc de beton machine a blocs

The QT10-15 machine a parpaing is the latest equipment product and special pondeuse parpaing.
1.This equipment is a comprehensive technical equipment controlled by mechanical hydraulic PLC. It is characterized by high efficiency, easy operation and easy maintenance. The block forming is mainly based on hydraulic pressure, and the machine is auxiliary. maquina de bloco is completed by vibration and press.
2.The materials are coal ash, slag, industrial powder, river gangue, bloc de beton, different stone cement, bloc de ciment, etc. Hollow blocks, bricks, curbs, and ore blocks of different sizes can be built into blocks. If you have a machine, you can add color. Make layer blocks.
3.The design and manufacture of this machine meet the requirements and standards of building block forming machines.
4.Good raw materials, advanced walking vibration robot technology. Adjustment measures for different situations. Utilize various waste ash and reasonable recycled cement to form various high-quality load-bearing or non-load-bearing blocks.
5.QT10-15 maquina de fazer blocos de concreto adopts special brand PLC and touch screen. So the brand of the vibration motor itself. So the operation of our machine is stable and effective.
6.High automation, intelligent electronic control, the automation process is controlled by advanced PLC (intelligent controller) to control data input and storage, process touch screen, with ideal and flexible man-machine interface.
7.Our machines make the blocks have very high performance and price. I believe you will be satisfied.
Using independent integrated hydraulic station, the hydraulic system is biased towards the used technology and improved design process.

QTF10-15 bloc de beton machine a blocs