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All accessories for fully automatic block brick machine

 FULANG MACHINE, brick machine
About the fully automatic concrete block making machine, like QTF10-15, many people don’t know its every accessories.  Today let’s make a clear explain about them, including their functions. 
1. Cement silo. 
For the brick making machine, the cement silo like the storehouse for the cement. 

2. Screw conveyor
The Screw conveyor is used for transporting the cement from the cement silo to the cement scale. 

3. cement scale.
The cement scale is used for weighing the cement, and ensure that the proportion of raw materials is accurate. For brick making machine, the accuracy of raw material ratio is very important.
4. Batching machine 
Batching machine is a big measuring machine. It is used to weigh the volume of aggregate, such as cobblestone.

5. JS750 mixer 
The brick machine uses JS750 to mix the raw material. Add water while stirring, let the water and various raw materials mix evenly.

6. Convey belt 
It's the bridge that all these accessories connect. No matter automatic or semi-automatic block making machine both need use the convey belt. 

7. Stacker 
The stacker be equipped at the end of the brick machine. Its function is stacking the bricks with the pallet once the brick is finished the molding and be conveyed out from the host bock machine.