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QTF40-3D small mobile concrete block machine

Today let's make a simple introduction to this small mobile block machine. It's a QTF40-3D small concrete block machine. 

It's a manual block machine.

This is a manual block machine. Except for electrical molding, others are manual processes.  This small block machine has a very simple structure. It just has a molding area and two electrical motors. One motor is used for the molding system. The other is used for moving the block machine. Feeding raw material and others processes all need to do by manually. Compared with the automatic block machine, this small block machine has a low production capacity and low price. Many customers will purchase two sets one time. 

It's a mobile concrete block machine. 

This small concrete block-making machine has four wheels. So it is a portable block machine. You can move it to any place you want. The working process is like an egg-laying process. So we also called this kind of machine egg laying block-making machine. This block machine doesn't need a pallet for block molding. It directly uses the land as the molding area. After you finished one molding cycle, you need to move it to a new place. It's very much like a chicken laying eggs, so we call it an egg-laying block machine. Besides, we also have higher automation degree concrete block machines. For example, the FL6-30 automatic mobile block machine. This FL6-30 has a high production capacity and more excellent molding effect.  Of cause, this block machine has a higher price. Today we don't talk about this machine for more, if you have more interest in FL6-30, please click the link to find more details of this automatic mobile block machine.
Let's get back to QTF40-3D, today's protagonist. This manual block machine is hot for home use and small business. 

It's a small block machine but with big use. 

Even though QTF40-3D is a small cement block machine, it can produce almost all kinds of blocks. Most customers use it to produce concrete hollow blocks. And some customers also use it to produce other blocks. Its molds are also replaceable like other big block machines. So it also can produce different kinds of blocks.