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Why QTF4-18 automatic block making machine is so popular these days

QT4-18 hollow block making machine
These days QTF4-18 block making machine is so popular, and let's take a look at why this product is so popular.

♦ Quality advantages:
1) The vibration system includes platform vibration and mold vibration. The product particle size is very fine and the production speed is fast.
2) Frame: China national standard manganese steel.
3) The hydraulic press conforms to international standards.

♦ Control system:
1. Computer is a kind of fault diagnosis system. The alarm signal is helpful in troubleshooting. Combined with remote control system, it can realize monitoring, control and diagnosis.
2. PLC intelligent control. Human machine interface, control system has complete logic control, production process, fault diagnosis system and remote control functions.

♦ Available raw materials:
Gravel, sand, cement, fly ash, cinder, slag, gravel and other household and industrial wastes.

♦ Application products:
Concrete blocks, solid / hollow blocks, paving stones of different shapes.