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GMT fiber pallet for block making machine is your best choice

How should we choose the right pallet for our brick machine? At present, the most widely used market share is fiber pallet, wood pallet, bamboo pallet, plastic pallet and steel pallet. What I recommend here is fiber pallet. Why do I recommend GMT fiberboard?

After repeated tests and researches, through the research on the development and production process of unburned brick pallet, finally GMT fiber pallet was developed, which has so many advantages of smooth surface, high strength, earthquake resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, blister resistance, no deformation, light weight, wear resistance, long service life, and greatly reduced the production cost. GMT fiberglass pallet is not easy to break in the process of pushing and vibration of brick machine.

According to the experiment, the vibration has no effect on the strength of GMT support plate, and the support plate will not break when the push plate is stuck. This is due to the physical properties of glass fiber reinforcement. GMT fiberglass board is more cost-effective than PVC brick machine board, ordinary plastic board and bamboo plywood. Therefore, it is a high-quality brick machine supporting board with high cost performance, and has a great market prospect.
GMT fiber pallet for block making machine

GMT fiber pallet for brick making machine