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How to replace different block molds to produce different types of blocks

 Block moulds are one of the core components of brick making machinery. It directly affects the size accuracy and surface smoothness of blocks. Today we briefly introduce the mold  replacement and adjustment method.
1. Loose and remove the upper and lower fixed bolt, then the mold will slowly relaxed and take the mould out. 
♦ 2. Rub oil after clean up for the preparation of next reuse. 
♦ 3. Put the next lower mold into the host machine, then fasten the bolt. 
♦ 4. Put the upper mold into the mold box, then fixed the upper mold fasten the bolt.
♦ 5. Starting the machine, slowly fate the upper mold to the mold box. Repeated this several times to confirm the upper and lower mold can occlude normally. The mold replacement is completed.

Is it very easy? Absolutely yes. So it very easy for one block making machine to produce different types of blocks by replacing molds.