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Congratulations to our Cameroon customer, we have arranged the shipment of QT6-15 block production line

Congratulations to our Cameroon customer, he wll receive his QTF6-15 automatic concrete block making machine soon. We have arranged the shipment.

1) Introduction of this concrete block complete production line
Host: block making machine
Mixer: mix materials
Belt conveyor:Transfer materials  from mixer to hopper
Grade C ontroller:Automatic controller  With PLC
S code tacker: Used for  Stacker
Block transmission platfor:Transfer blocks  From main engine to stacker
T-type roller:Transport blocks  To other spaces
2) Machine intrusion
Hydraulic press and mould vibration press
Medium sized concrete block production line
Multifunctional, can change mold to produce hollow brick / solid brick / hollow brick / paving brick, etc
Full automatic, with PLC controller
Raw materials: ash, stone, sand, stone, etc

fully automatic block production line