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Switzerland customer has placed the order for two sets of FL2-40 brick machine.

FL2-40 manual interlocking brick machine
Congratulations! A customer from Switzerland has placed the order for two sets of FL2-40 brick machine. 
FL2-40 is a mini manual interlocking brick making machine. It’s very suitable for personal use, or some people who is a middleman and retailer. FL2-40 is always very popular, not only because it’s cheap, but also because it’s cost-effective. With its simple structure, high performance and low price, FL2-40 is has been loved by foreigners for many years. It can produce 2 pieces of bricks at one time, and no need any electric power, purely hand operated. Normally it can produce 1920 pieces bricks for 8 hours. It’s also depend on the working efficiency, but the yield of 1920 pieces is basically can be completed by most people. 
It can produce different kinds of interlocking bricks just by changing different moulds, the mould is customizable according to customer’s requirement.