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QTF4-25D automatic block machine ready to be shipped to America

The production department completed the production of QTF4-25D automatic concrete block machine, and this machine ready to be shipped to our America. Congratulations to our American customer, he will receive his machine soon.
When we talk about this QTF4-25D automatic brick machine, we have to mention its difference compared with the old QTF4-25D model. We give it technology upgrade this time, because our engineers found this model QTF4-25D automatic block making machine has much more ambition if we wide its structure size. Stainless steel frame is widened and thickened, in order to extend the service life. Its pressure also be increased by replacing more big cylinder. Our cost has increased, but our selling price has not changed. Because our company leaders think that in this special period, we should give back to our customers who have supported us all the time, especially some old customers who have cooperated with us for a long time. 
QTF4-25D automatic concrete block machine